Monday, 20 July 2009

David beckham takes a fight to Galaxy fans

48163082 300x199 David beckham takes a fight to Galaxy fans

David Beckham received an ugly reception from LA Galaxy fans at a friendly with AC Milan after returning from a loan spell with the Italian giants.Many of the fans have turned away from beckham now calling him a part time player for them and not giving them the full 100%.But when you see the report below this will not do beckham any favors and looked very unproffesional from the england man.Could this be the end at La Galaxy for becks? reports are saying that spurs want to bring him back to the uk.The game ended 2-2 see highlights here

“I tried to shake one of the guy’s hands but he didn’t want any of it,” Beckham said. “That’s the way it is.”

Itv highlights report

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